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It is the responsibility of parents/carers to inform The Canterbury Centre of any health needs including the need to take medication during the school day.

Consent forms, included with the admission pack, must be completed by parents/carers prior to any medication being given out at The Canterbury Centre. Where possible, short term medication should be given at home. If a pupil requires long-term medication this can be stored at The Canterbury Centre by prior consent with the Headteacher.

Medication brought into The Canterbury Centre must be:

• In the original packaging from the Doctor or Chemist

• Clearly labelled with pupil’s name

• Have timing, side effects and dosage made clear

• Handed to the young person’s key worker

All medication taken within The Canterbury Centre will be recorded in the medication file and kept in a locked cupboard in the staff room.

Care Plans would be drawn up with Parents and the School Nurse. Care plans would be kept on the wall in the staff room. Several members of staff are trained first aiders and will be familiar with any care plans. Care plans will be regularly reviewed and updated by the young person’s keyworker.

Senior staff would call paramedics/parents in the event of an emergency. The Headteacher would always be informed. Staff would treat as necessary and stay with the casualty until help arrives. Staff would go with the young person to hospital until parents arrive. Staff involved must always complete a report for major incidents.

Children access a wide range of health services onsite to minimise disruption to their education; this includes the School Nurse, Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist, Hearing Impaired Team, Visually Impaired Team, Doctor, Podiatrist, Dietician, Counsellor, EP and CAMHS consultant.

Pupils’ emotional wellbeing is assessed on entry and exit. All pupils are offered Mindfulness sessions and encouraged to practise Mindfulness regularly. Pupils take part in workshops about Healthy Relationships, Drugs and Alcohol and Sexual Relationships.

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